TopBond Novae 2 Portable Vaporizer

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This amazing TopBond Novae 2 Portable Vaporizer is an enhanced version of the already amazing Novae. It is suitable for vaping dry herbs and oils and wax with the oil pod.

If you thought the TopBond Novae Vaporizer was incredibly impressive, meet the TopBond Novae 2! The TopBond Novae 2 is an enhanced version of the original Novae which was already a ground-breaking device.


The new TopBond Novae 2 Vaporizer features temperature control, smart path technology, an OLED display, and an even more powerful, rechargeable, and impressive battery. This TopBond Novae 2 Vaporizer will never cease to amaze with its user-friendliness, top of the range design, and convenience. With a magnetic mouthpiece to allow easy access to the chamber and many more great features, you will never get bored.


With the TopBond Novae 2 Vaporizer, you can vape dry herbs and even oil and wax if you have the oil pod accessory, the opportunities are endless. This little guy is impressive, convenient, useable, compact, and powerful, meaning that your incredibly vaping experience is neverending. TopBond pride themselves on creating good quality, accessible, convenient, and attractive devices and accessories while maintaining good pricing, isn’t that all you really need?


There are so many great reasons your should love TopBond, but here is a few: TopBond are budget busters, with great quality for a fraction of the price, they have a great range or replacement for your vaporizers to keep them in tip-top shape, all of their devices are portable, they only run a small line of products for quality over quantity, and so much more. This TopBond Novae 2 Portable Vaporizer becomes even more impressive when you realise it also features a ceramic heating chamber and an even better, larger battery than the Novae. It fits perfectly in your hand and its ergonomic design makes it super easy to hold and store.


The portability of this TopBond Novae 2 Vaporizer makes it an even better and more valuable device considering the fact that it can be carried in your pocket, your backpack, or even your handbag, so it takes portability to the next level. The replaceable battery helps achieve an even better lifespan for your device and if your battery breaks or receives irreversible damage, you can simply replace it without having to dispose of your vaporizer and buy a new one.


With the ability to swap out batteries, it opens up the possibility for people to use it at festivals, on hiking trips, or it even allows for use off the grid. Weighing in at only 250 grams, you won’t even know it is in your pocket or backpack!


Included in your purchase:

1 x TopBond Novae 2 vaporizer

1 x cleaning brush

1 x USB charger

1 x cleaning tool

5 x filter screens


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