About Us

Our primary product ‘EZ Test’ is a uniquely marketed single use testing kit that allows (depending on the kit) to test for either:

  • A reaction to the presence of the substance to be tested OR depending on kit

  • A reaction to the presence of additional substances that have been added to the substance to be tested.

This reaction can then be compared against the colour coded chart that is included with the test kit to indicate the test outcome.

  • Our test kits are completely legal to own in Australia and New Zealand

  • They are user friendly and easy to use

  • The kits have a three-year shelf life

  • The reagents should not be taken internally by pets or humans as they are harmful when ingested.

  • The reagents included within the ampules do not contain any substances that are unlawful.

  • Some reagents take a while to develop such as the LSD test kit

For any enquires please use the contact us form