Flowermate CAP Vaporizer

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Simple operation with a stylish and unique exterior, the Flowermate Cap Vaporizer is perfect for new users or anyone that wants a simple vape experience.

Despite being one of the newer members of the Flowermate family, this Cap Vaporizer is quickly and efficiently making its way up the levels and becoming a massive crowd-pleaser. The Flowermate Cap Vap is mainly geared towards newbies but is also the perfect addition to anyone’s collection as it is uniquely designed to make your vape experience as simple as possible while remaining enjoyable. This wonderful little gadget is the smallest gadget to come out of Flowermates production and while remaining at under 10cm in stature, it makes for the ideal device due to its sizing and its other incredible features.

It is the ideal size to slip into your pocket or pack away in a hurry. This Flowermate Cap Vaporizer has been in the process of being made for 5 years now meaning that it has gone through extreme testing to be the great quality product it is today. Within 5 years the Flowermate Cap Vaporizer had transformed from an idea to the most convenient, simple, bother free vaporizer in the industry and proceeds to blow expectations. With only 5 clicks to turn it on and a further 3 clicks to access the 3 temperature settings, it really does stand up to its ‘easy peasy’ ideal.


An LED display shows your temperature settings as follows. Blue/low is 196°C/385°F, green is 205°C/400°F, and red is 215°C/420°F and it only takes 20 seconds to heat up. How fast is that?! With amazing key features such as a Glazed Stainless Steel Heating Chamber, a Quick Heating Time, Stealthy Sizing, Haptic Feedback, One Button User Interface, and an insanely stylish Matte Finish Aluminium Body, you’d be silly to not put this one in your cart!


Even cleaning the Flowermate Cap Vaporizer is a quick and easy job. Simply use the included brush to clear the chamber and mouthpiece of any debris or residue and it never hurts to give the mouthpiece a small soak in isopropyl alcohol to clear the grime and residue, but this is only something that needs to be done occasionally. Regardless of whether you are new to vaping or a specialist in the field, we are more than certain that you will be intrigued with what the Flowermate Cap Vaporizer can bring to the table! 


Included in your purchase:


1 x Flowermate CAP Vaporizer

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Stainless steel chamber screen

1 x Stainless steel mouthpiece screen

1 x Packing tool

1 x USB charging cable

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