DaVinci IQ USB Car Charger

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Is your DaVinci IQ running low on battery? Don’t fear, your DaVinci USB Car Cord is here to save the day!  

Is your battery getting low? Don’t worry, we have an amazing product just for you. Your DaVinci IQ battery won’t last forever, it will need recharging after a session. Luckily, we have a super simple, user-friendly, and stylish DaVinci IQ Car Charger just for you! If your battery is low, don’t worry, all is well with this cord. When you have this fast charging DaVinci IQ Charger around, you will be back enjoying your fresh, flawless vapor in no time at all. This cord completely compliments your DaVinci Devices.


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1 x DaVinci Usb Car Charger

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