C Vault 2 litre Curing & Storage Container (80 - 115 grams)

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2 litre stainless steel curing & storage container.

The C Vault 2 litre Curing and Storage Container enables you to cure and store up to 115 gr of herbs including cannabis and other foodstuffs. These lightweight containers provide an extremely durable storage method for your valuable herbs.


C Vault produces the ultimate curing and storage container for herbal cannabis in what they term their "commercial" range for legal cannabis dispensaries.


Manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and featuring a 1/4 inch silicone seal these airtight, lightproof storage containers offer the very best in marijuana preservation. Use in conjunction with Boveda humidity control packs.


This 2 litre commercial C Vault container has a specially-designed latch system to keep all of the smell and goodness in and unregulated air out. This lid also has storage space for Boveda packs. Stackable to save space.



  • Interior Diameter: 7 inch (20 cm)
  • Depth / Height: 4 inch (10 cm)
  • Holds: 3 - 4 ounces (80 - 115 gr)
  • Shipped with 1 x 67 gr. Boveda pack (62% RH)
  • C Vault - voted best in marijuana storage by High Times amongst others.
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